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Imogen opened the lid, and took out a beautiful, intricate necklace. Hanging on a gold chain was, what appeared at first, to be a solid disc. But as she touched the centre of it, an inner, coin-like core sprang free and rotated full circle on a finely worked central bar, that ran from top to bottom. As the central disc was spun, it created the impression of a sphere, hanging from the delicate chain. Within the inner disc sat a five-pointed star, which also turned independently, on the same bar. This and the disc spun in beautiful balance, as she held it up, to examine it further. When the solid star was turned at right angles to the circles, it gave the impression of an additional and hollow star, and when the inner disc moved with the star, an empty circle was apparent. Aligning all the symbols, to flatten the pendant into its base shape, it was clear that the bar was, in fact, the shaft of an arrow, the arrowhead sitting outside of the main pendant, on top of the outer loop, pointing upwards. The gold was embossed with fine filigree detail, which caught the light and sparkled. Spinning the separate elements, in an ever-quickening motion, Imogen marvelled at the changing shapes, as it moved. In swift rotation, five clear elements appeared in rapid succession. They became almost three dimensional, like five holograms: a solid globe, translucent globe, solid star, and translucent star, with a full central arrow. She had never seen anything like it. The overall effect was quite dazzling.



The Chroma pendant was designed by Jonathan Moseley (who also designed the cover) and it has gone through a metamorphosis from a simple diagram of symbols to a three dimensional shape to a gilted piece of jewellery.

It plays a significant part in the Chroma Trilogy. The symbols are key...


The Chroma Pendant

excerpt from Imogen's Secret: 12th chapter - The Manor