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it's not always easy to see someone's true colours

The first book of the trilogy, Chroma: Imogen’s Secret is set in the North-West of England, UK in 2016.


Imogen Reiner, nearly 17 years old, is a seemingly ordinary college student, but she has extraordinary powers she must hide. Able to 'see' thoughts by touch and compute information at an incredible speed, Imogen can also read Chroma: the aura or colours we all unknowingly emit that betray our deepest thoughts and feelings. The  grey of worry, the violet of lies, the black spikes of authority, the rich reds of desire or anger... Chroma will betray a person's true colours.


Imogen's mother has been in a coma for ten long years - what caused it and will she ever wake? She has been raised by her grandfather who has drilled her to conceal her many abilities, but Imogen has grown frustrated with getting no answers . What does Grandad mean by her ‘true’ identity and who is the unknown enemy from whom she must hide?


Haunted by a recurring nightmare from her childhood, a dangerous newcomer, the seductive Araz, enrols at Imogen's  college - is he the enemy?

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