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"Imogen's Secret"

Book 1 of the Chroma Trilogy

Finalist in the Readers' Favorite

Young Adult-Adventure Awards 2018


Imogen's Secret

available now on Amazon

ONLY $3.99 / £2.99






Imogen Reiner, almost seventeen, can see the colour of lies. She can read Chroma.

But can she uncover the truth about her extraordinary abilities before she is hunted down by an unknown enemy?



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Have you ever wondered what colour a lie is? How about anger? Love?


Imogen could tell you.


In B. Fleetwood’s breakout science fantasy, Chroma, young Imogen Reiner of northwest England can see the emotional and mental states of everyone she meets. Their Chroma, the emotional coloured auras they emit, are invisible to everyone, or so it seems. Everyone except Imogen.


But why?


Why does she possess this new dimensional sense? Why can she compute information at a fantastic speed? Why is she haunted by a spine-chilling nightmare? What exactly happened to her mother? And why is she bequeathed a locket with mysterious symbols?


All her questions - the deep, soul-searching doubts about her history, her life, and her identity - have gone unanswered as long as she can remember.


But the truth is about to change everything she has taken for granted as the shadows of her past threaten to overwhelm her.

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